Neroli/Citrus aurantium

Neroli is extracted from the fragrant blossoms of the bitter orange tree. This is an evergreen tree, which has dark-green, ovate leaves, white flowers with thick, fleshy petals and small dark fruit.It is native to Southeast Asia, from where it spread to India and Persia and today grows in the Mediterranean, California and South America. The major producers of neroli oil are Tunisia, Italy and France.

Therapeutic properties: Neroli has antidepressant, antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant, fungicidal, hypnotic, sedative, digestive- carminative and stimulant properties. It is thought to calm the sympathetic nervous system.
Ayurveda Medicine: Balances the Pitta docha, increases the Kapha docha and decreases the Vata docha.
Perfume Key Qualities: Uplifting and calming. It is a reputed aphrodisiac.

Neroli can help one to develop the inner trust which will allows self-acceptance andproduces feelings of security and protection. Neroli brings in positive energy. It helps one to relax as well as face our emotional fears. It can help to promote sensual comfort. It eases grief and also helps one to experience joyful love. It can reunite the conscious and subconscious minds and can promote direct communication with the spiritual world. Neroli can help one to become aware of unresolved issues so that one can deal with them. Neroli can also help to facilitate all kinds of creative activities when they are inspired by spiritual aspirations. Neroli is often used in happiness and protection blends.

Origin: Tunisia
Colour: A pale yellow to amber essential oil.
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Part Used: Freshly picked orange blossoms
Aroma Description: Sweet, refreshing and floral.
CAS Numbers: 8016-38-4

Dilution of oil is always recommended. May cause skin irritation in some individuals and a skin test is recommended prior to use. Store into dark glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life. Do not use during pregnancy.


These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease(s).


The information has been extracted from books written by Beverely Hawkins, (West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy) Vancouver, Canada.

Hawkins, B. (1999). West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy.

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